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Films For Change - Join us to watch A Plastic Ocean - "The Most Important Film of our time" (Sir David Attenborough) on the 19th June. Meet people interested in creating their own global health or environmental films. Do you have a film you would like shown at a Films For Change evening? Get in touch!

Posted by Nomadic Medics on Tuesday, 25 April 2017

A Plastic Ocean & Under The Shadow


19th June 18.30 A Plastic Ocean

3rd July 18.30 Under The Shadow


Whirled Cinema, Brixton


Nomadic Medics believes change is brought about by education and greater awareness which can be achieved through film. Our Films for Change running from June – August will screen films highlighting important global health and environmental issues.

Meet Up:

Before the screening there will be a meet and greet with drinks and snacks available to connect people so they can share ideas, skills and knowledge to create their own thought provoking and change inspiring films. Whirled Cinema is one of London’s quirkiest independent cinemas with a great balcony to enjoy the summer evenings.

Share your films

We are looking for films to share at our evenings please get in touch if you have one you would like shown. If you would be willing to do a question and answer after the film and share how you made it that would be great.

A Plastic Ocean

Join us for a screening of ‘A Plastic Ocean’

“The most important film of our time.”

– Sir David Attenborough

Plastic Ocean:

Our mission is to change the world’s attitude toward plastic within one generation

Plastic pollution is a global issue that impacts our ocean, our health and our wellbeing. Through education, science and our film, we are working to stem the tide of plastic entering the ocean, before it is too late.

We are helping consumers to become plastic literate, so they can make informed decisions about how and when they accept plastic, and in doing so we are shaping future demand for environmentally sensitive products and solutions.

Under The Shadow

“Under the Shadow,” a film about how politics, corruption and impunity are affecting the lives of women, men, and children in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

One woman leads Congo’s rape survivors
to find healing, independence and justice through working together in the field. But can these women escape the shadow cast by this threat of sexual violence and will the spectre of justice bring hope and resolution? We hear extraordinary confessions from soldiers who have raped women and then witness inside the court room as others are tried for this crime, the ultimate weapon of war.

This immersive, observational film was made over four years, taking the viewer inside a woman’s ultimate nightmare, to show how the human spirit is impossible to defeat.

Lloyd-Davies has been documenting sexual violence in the DRC’s eastern provinces for over a decade. “Under the Shadow” stems from her Pulitzer Center-supported reporting project, “Congo: Consequences of a Conflict with No End” and the earlier resulting documentary “Seeds of Hope.”

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